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Psychic Socialite Series

When her husband dies and leaves her penniless, a 1930s Memphis socialite becomes a fortuneteller, only to discover she has the true sight.

Psychic Socialite Book 1
Billy Sunday
Psychic Socialite Book 2

“This is a skillfully crafted, un-put-downable book by a writer who has a facility both with language and with plotting. It’s well worth reading at least twice, as the main characters are intriguingly drawn and engaging, meriting a second look to understand them better through the twists and turns of the storyline. As a British reader, the setting in, and the vocabulary of, 1930s Memphis took me into a delightfully different world.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Sevier writes with a subtle, wicked humor and a sophisticated vibrancy that ushers the reader right into Depression-era Memphis and Nell’s eccentric household . . . . Rich inSouthern ambiance, evoking an aura of menace, a tongue-in-a tongue-in-cheek humor and a tenderness all at the same time, this second book in the Psychic Socialite series has me desperately hoping it won’t take Sevier long to conjure up the third.”

Kathy Altman, USA Today Happy Ever After Blog

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